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    Ulcer Blend

A huge THANK YOU to Gina Gomez Kindscher! For those that know me we have been down a long road with Woody for two years of treatment that did not work. Every steroid, lotion, potion, creme, horus pocus and bubble wrap. A few months ago I was told his condition would only deteriorate more each year with sweet itch. I put a post here in desperation. Many of you write with suggestions which I greatly appreciate! it had been recommended that we put Woody to sleep because he was so miserable. I would like to say right here.. Gina  knew what she was talking about as did Tanja Kraus. Treating with an herbal supplement from which Michelle Dawn Gilles recommended and the exact ulcer treatment from Gina has put Woody 90 percent recovered. Woody is not itchy, he’s happy, not wearing a blanket. The herbal remedy that was recommended began to work immediately. I will forever be in your debt. The education about ulcers in horses was amazing. I highly recommend these gals if you have a problem with your horse and so does Wood.

Connie Jo Stubblefield 2018      


Allergy blend                  

Hi Don, I am sending you Shay's testimonal....

Anyone who know me or my horse Shay knows how she has been effected by bugs.  Shay is a palomino that has an extreme allergy to midges. Shay has had shots from the vet for scratching and itching with minimal results. I have bought her flax supplements,prescription fly medicine, I have used all of a competitors itch control products to no avail. Shay still scratched and itched until her mane looked like a zebra! She has worn fly masks and still rubbed her face raw.  This horse was miserable.  I say was because this year I found Don and his wonderful Equine Allergy blend.  I started Shay on the allergy  medicine in April, giving her a full 30 days to take effect.  I am proud to say that her tail nearly drags the ground and her mane is still long!! I know it is a short time for this testimonal but to see the results that I am seeing in Shay it is truly a blessing!  Don is so knowledgable about horse and the products he sells, he is truly a wealth of information that all horse owners should feel blessed to have.  I know I feel blessed to have found Don and these products to help Shay.  I will be a long time purchaser of your products!  Thank you for making my horse feel better so fast. I hope to someday be able to help Don spread the word and save other horses like Shay from the miserable allergies and other maledies that effect our beautiful creatures we call horses.


 Becky      Parsons, WV 26287




It was delightful to meet you at Road To The Horse. I must tell you I have tried everything in the 13 years I've owned my grey mare(including 3 vets) to stop her from rubbing the top of her tail. NOTHING WORKED! Ever since I have given her the ALLERGY HERBAL BLEND I bought from you---she is not rubbing her tail!!! Her tail is getting full and beautiful in really a short time. Thank you! Thank you! and God Bless!!!!

Susie Utterback -Tn.


 Canine Allergy Blend: 

Hi Don, Wanted to let you know that the Allergy Blend for dogs works amazing and quickly! My son spent alot of money taking his dog to different vets for his head shaking. This is the only thing that has helped him! Thanks so much for this product!

Shelly Roxbury 




The Success I've Had with Cipex    I have a 10 yr old quarter horse gelding that has navicular to the extent that he held his right front pastern like it was a club foot and he couldn't walk on small stones without limping. He also moved like an old plow horse because of his discomfort. Well , after three short weeks on Cipex when he walks or runs he steps flat footed as normal and the pastern looks normal as any horse. He walks on stones with no signs of any discomfort at all, in fact I rode on pavement and gravel trails today for approx 6 miles and he moves with head up and his old high spirited self.
This Cipex in my opinion has saved a very valuable horse and is an amazing miracle product. I will keep him on it for as long as he lives along with Herbal Bute.
Thank God for Cipex.

Jerry Frost
Tully, NY



I cannot thank you enough for recommending Cipex for my 20 year old gelding. He foundered about 5 years ago. I have battled with abscesses in his front feet off and on for 5 years. He could barely walk and was in a lot of pain. My farrier tried special shoes but they did not help. He comes and trims his feet every 4 weeks and treats his abscesses when they come about. We have treated with antibiotic injections and several bottles of SMZ for 2-3 week periods with bute to keep him comfortable. I found him lying down 90% of the time for a month and decided it was time to put him down. I prayed to the Lord that if there was any product out there to help him to give me a sign. I was on the internet and decided to try one last time to find something and it came to me to look under herbs for horses. I cannot thank you enough for giving us a second chance with him. I have been using Cipex for 2 months and Jazz is now up walking around and I never see him lying down. I wake up in the morning and look out the window and he is waiting for his Cipex. The veterinarians did not give me much hope for him but Cipex has given this 20 year old gelding a new lease on life. I tried to catch him one day last week and he ran from me. I was so excited to see him run once again. I have had this horse for 18 years and he has saved my life more than once, now I feel it is my turn to try and save his. I will continue Cipex the rest of his life and I thank God for putting these natural herbs on earth and for the people He gave the knowledge to make these products.

Monticello, FL


  Here is a Aug 10th picture - 30 days after treatment and a Sept 10th picture 60 days after treatment. He has been on Kidney Flush 3 days once a month - Cipex -Herbal Bute - Hoof Coat & Skin and the Wound Ointment for the two spots on the hips. Your products are so awesome - Trying to get the word out there.

Geri Ostlund
JLG EquineService
Alvarado Tx 76009




Two weeks ago you suggested Cipex to me in order for my mare to overcome her soreness due to a minor cyst on her navicular bone. She has been on the supplement about a week now and have already seen huge improvements!!!  When i turn her out there is only a minor sign of her being off, i think this could be a miracle product! I have already suggested this product to a man with a very very lame shining spark mare and told him to give it a try! Hopefully he see's results like i have with my roan, i had fears it was time to retire her but so far im thinking shes going to be winning rodeos in the near spring. Very interested in becoming a dealer for your products in Southern MN,Northern IA. I think these all natural supplements are the way to go, especially cipex! Very curious to see i could become a possible dealer for your product, would like to try some of the other products on my other horses i have a gelding who might have a minor bone chip in a knee, doesn't make him lame but can become a little swollen time to time after extensive workouts. Could advertise your products on my website which tends to have over 200 hits a day! Thank you for your time and products!!!

 Ashley Janssen
 janssen barrel horses



 Cushings Blend:

I just wanted to let you know Rusty (Shetland pony) with re-occurring laminitis is still doing good. He still gets laminitis (do to hay changes, weather and so on) but he is able to stay stable on Cushing's Blend. He was dx with Insulin Resistance some time ago and this is the only product that consistently helps him. I give him one scoop split between feedings. He has a new companion mini that gets him moving - he is able to do this because of you herbs.

Thanks again

Dawn Dietz


Cushings Blend

Hi Don,

I just wanted to share with you how happy I am that I switched my horse to 
your Cushings Blend. I have a 20 yr old Morgan gelding who was diagnosed 
with Cushings about 5 years ago. He has been on pergolide since his 
diagnosis with moderate success but he was still prone to bouts of laminitis 
in the fall and spring and was never able to go out on grass in the summer 
without the use of a muzzle. I also had to clip his heavy coat every spring 
because he was no longer able to shed out and by March! April it's already 
getting pretty warm here in coastal Georgia. My friend and barefoottrimmer, 
Lauren Gruber, recommended your product to me as an alternative to 
the pergolide. I admit to being very skeptical at first, but finally
decided to give it a try. I am truly amazed at the difference in my horse!! 
He completely shed out this spring without ever having to clip him. 
The Cushings Blend is also providing the much needed support allowing him to
continue to live in a herd of 24 horses turned out 2417 without the use of a 
muzzle. Several people at the boarding barn have noticed the difference in 
him this year and have commented on how good he looks. I can't thank you
enough for providing such a great product! !

Catherine Millard 
Savannah, GA 


Cushings Blend 

Hi Don,
I am so pleased with your product Cushing's Blend and would like to share my experience with other owners who are trying to cope with this illness (PPID) that strikes so many older animals.  I have a 23 year old Appaloosa who started having laminitis issues in 2005.  Every year, spring and fall, he would have a bout of laminitis, even though I restricted his grazing and put him on a  low carb diet.  He was subsequently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease (PPID) and was put on pergolide.  Although the pergolide seemed to help his immune system to a degree, he continued to have a longer than normal hair coat which did not shed and drank excessive amounts of water.  The last 2 years I had to resort to body clipping him twice a year just to keep him comfortable.  At that point I started searching for an herbal remedy that might help him and fount out about Cushing's Blend.  I started my horse on this product in March of this year, giving him the recommended 2 scoops a day.  In about 3 weeks time, I noticed that he was starting to shed his coat.  Not only that, he went through the spring season with no laminitis for the first time in 8 years!  After being on the product for 3 months, I reduced his dose to once a day (given in the morning) and continued to give him his pergolide tablet in the evening.  In July, he once again started shedding, losing his summer coat as his winter hair started to grow in.  I have noticed that his coat this fall is not nearly as long and thick as in previous falls.  His overall health and energy levels are also much improved.  I believe that your product has given my old guy a new lease on life, and we are continuing to enjoy each other's company on leisurely trail rides.  Thanks so much for providing this product, it is truly remarkable!

Barbara Robison

 Horses give us the wings to fly

Cushings Blend 

Hi Don,
Just wanted to let you know how well my horse is doing on your Cushing's blend.  My 24 year old Appaloosa has been on Cushing's Blend for about a year and a half.  He had previously been diagnosed with Cushing's Disease (PPID) about 7 years ago along with Equine Metabolic Syndrome.  He was put on pergolide, but he continued to be plagued with chronic laminitis and a thick coat that would not shed.  Since I put him on Cushing's Blend, he is a different horse.  He has not had laminitis at all, and he sheds his winter coat now in the spring, and also sheds his coat again in late summer (new winter coat coming in and summer hair falling out).  He has lost his cresty neck and the fat pads around his tail.  I am even able to let him graze for about an hour and a half in the mornings with no fear of laminitis.  Previously he had to be in a dry lot, and could not have any grass because of the chronic laminitis.  His coat shines and he is a much healthier animal, as well as a happier horse!  This product has saved my horse's life, and I think it is the best product for Cushing's horses on the market.  Thanks so much!


Barb Robison

Horses give us the wings to fly (2014)



What wonderful products you have available for so many of our horse needs. The very best thing I ever did was put my barrel horse on Cipex. Everything I ever tried made her hot and toxic. This product is wonderful with natural results. Thanks again. I highly advise everyone to try it for great performance.

Chris Tate - 2010
Sweetwater, TN.



The UC Herbal Blend "Ulcer Blend" is one of the best products on the market. I have several horses that I compete on and can see a major difference in their attitudes and performance,even my shoer commented on how relaxed the horse were and easier to work with. I look forward to trying more of your products


Kay Blandford - 2010
Sutherland Springs, TX.



Cushings Blend 

Just wanted to updte Rusty (shetland pony) - He is doing great !! He is running and feeling good. I still have him on 3/4 scoop in a.m. and 1/2 scoop of Cushings Blend at night.  He is a much happier pony.

Dawn Dietz - 2010 



Cushings Blend 
I have been buying Cushings Blend for approx. a little over 2 months for my 15 yr. old Shetland Pony (375lbs). Initially my pony had moderate laminitis, depressed and lacking spunk. Although he has not been diagnosed with Cushings he has been diagnosed with Insulin Rsistance. This pony presented with alot of Cushings symptoms: winter laminitis, abnomal sweating flank and under abdomen, swelling above the eyes, depression and increased insulin levels, I chose this product over Equine Sugar Balance because of the ingredient Chasteberry. My pony was previously on another Chasteberry product but I chose to stop in November because he was doing fine (my mistake). I found this product and decided to give it a try. I had him on this product about a month when I decided to double the dose. On the previous product I used the recommended. Within a few weeks I noticed his attitude improved and the swelling above his eyes was going away. Now a little over 2 months his laminitis is improving. I feel this product defintely is helpng my pony. I will keep him on the recommended dosage year around.
Thank you

Dawn Dietz - 2010




Cushings Blend 

I am so glad I found your company "Equine Science". Your Cushing Blend has been a major help to our horse. Our warmblood gelding Sam was diagnosed with Cushings from our local Veterinarian in August 2009. He prescribed Pergolyde for him and the medication made my horse swell up terribly. Sam was feeling worse and worse and we had to discontinue the medication. I was trying desperately to figure out what to do next. A colleague at my husband's work recommended your company and I talked to you over the phone about my horse. You suggested I try this new product you have called Cushing Blend. When we first started giving it to my horse, Sam could barely walk he was so lame and in pain. He gradually felt better and better and  went from a totally lame horse to a horse who is back to work and will be shown in a dressage show at the end of February. He is so happy and moving beautifully and we are so glad to have him back and free of pain!! I will continue to buy this product, in fact I just put in another order for it today. Thank you so much for your help. If we had not found this product I don't know how long it would have taken Sam to recover or if he would have recovered at all. At the moment his Cushings symptoms are under control and I am hoping this product will help him in the mangagement of this horrible disease. I really can't thank you enough for your help.


Beth Graham - Owner/Manager
Misty Meadows Stable and Training Facility
Southport, Fl. - 2010




Hey Mr. Don, just wanted to let you know how much I like the new liniment (Equi-mint)!! I use it on everyone before and after I run.  I like to especially spray them down in the shoulders and hamstrings for prerace and soak their legs after. I feel like it has helped with some of the inflammation that I sometimes get with Smash. I can even feel it in the joints of my fingers after I have rubbed their legs down. LOVE the spray bottle too, very convenient!!! Thank you so much for continuing to create all natural products that's safe for our horses! Look forward to seeing/ talking to you soon!
Sincerely, Shawna Bourne

EyeSuport Blend has really helped my horse with Moon Blindness be free from any flare ups
since she has been on it. Thanks for a Great product.

Lacy Gallinger



 Hello Don! I just need to tell you & everyone who needs help with their horse how much you have helped us. Mandy is 14 & she has developed heaves in the last 3 years. Of course the vets wanted her on steroids for 3 m...onths at a time. I know they are very bad for the immune system long term. The first 2 years I put her on dexamethasone for about a month & she was ok. She usually only had one bout with the heaves per year, then was ok. Last year she started with it a month early, we did the dex, the coughing finally stopped, but when she came to the barn, she would trot 2 steps then walk very slowly up to me. This horse almost never gets tired, I can ride for 5 hours or more, she acts like she just had a good night's sleep! I decided it was time to try something else. I was just looking on the internet & found Equine Science, lucky me! I talked to Don, bought Mo Lung & Allergy Blend, received them in about 3 days & got Mandy started. The Mo Lung is powder, it is very difficult to get her to eat anything in powder form, even in sweet feed. She eats this even in her pellet feed! Allergy Blend  is pellets, no problem. I saw a difference in Mandy in about 1 week, within 2 weeks she was a new horse. At first I thought these products were a little pricey, but ends up costing less than steroids, & a whole lot healthier! We are both very happy. I can take her camping & ride for 5 days in a row, she is probably the only horse with lots of energy left! God bless you Don, and thank you so much. Carol in DeLand, FL

Hello Don! I just need to tell you & everyone who needs help with their horse how much you have helped us. Mandy is 14 & she has developed heaves in the last 3 years. Of course the vets wanted her on steroids for 3 months at a time. I know they are very bad for the immune system long term. The first 2 years I put her on dexamethasone for about a month & she was ok. She usually only had one bout with the heaves per year, then was ok. Last year she started with it a month early, we did the dex, the coughing finally stopped, but when she came to the barn, she would trot 2 steps then walk very slowly up to me. This horse almost never gets tired, I can ride for 5 hours or more, she acts like she just had a good night's sleep! I decided it was time to try something else. I was just looking on the internet & found Equine Science, lucky me! I talked to Don, bought Mo Lung & Allergy Blend, received them in about 3 days & got Mandy started. The Mo Lung is powder, it is very difficult to get her to eat anything in powder form, even in sweet feed. She eats this even in her pellet feed! Allergy Blend  is pellets, no problem. I saw a difference in Mandy in about 1 week, within 2 weeks she was a new horse. At first I thought these products were a little pricey, but ends up costing less than steroids, & a whole lot healthier! We are both very happy. I can take her camping & ride for 5 days in a row, she is probably the only horse with lots of energy left! God bless you Don, and thank you so much. Carol in DeLand, FL




I started my gelding on the SUPER IMMUNE BOOSTER on the recommendation of a local horse rescue that swears by it. Samson has been through a rough year, which included a hospitalization for pneumonia, and the diagnosis and treatment of EPM. I chose to start him on your SUPER IMMUNE BOOSTER right after I finished his conventional treatment, and I am still ama...zed at the results. He has never looked or felt better. With all the health problems he went through in the last year, I had decided to retire him, but after a month or two of being on your supplement, I am starting to reconsider! He has been galloping and playing in the field, has put the last few pounds on that we were struggling to maintain, and has so much life compared to the depressed-looking guy he used to be. I have never been a huge believer in herbal products, but this experience has really forced me to reconsider. I can't thank you enough, and look forward to many more orders with you! ~ Becca Macanas




 I'm happy to share my experience with your herbal remedies for horses.   My five year old mare developed a sudden eye problem.  The eye was swollen and with considerable discharge.  My vet was concerned that this was a potentially very serious condition and recommended that she be seen at the University Equine Hospital.  Following examination and laboratory tests, it was determined that her condition was consistent with a diagnosis of eosinophillic keratitis.  A levage system was surgically installed so that medication could be administered.   The treatment was aggressive and eventually involved surgery.  Unfortunately,  every possible side effect to the medications was realized.  Steroid treatment resulted in a fungal infection and her hospital stay resulted in a serious staph infection.  After a very expensive three weeks in the hospital,  I did bring her home.   Both eyes were closed and there was considerable pussy discharge on examination.  Most of the required 7 medications were designed to treat the side effects of previously given medications.  After one week,  my vet thought one eye was lost and would eventually have to be removed.  The sight in the other eye was marginal but the recommendation was to continue the medication in hopes of saving that eye.  I sought a second opinion which basically confirmed the above diagnoses with the added observation that she was likely to lose the sight in her "good eye" and it might be wise to consider putting her down.  At this point,  against medical advice,  I had the lavage system removed and stopped all traditional medical treatment.  In looking for an alternative,  I found Equine Science and decided to try the combination of IMMUNE BOOSTER, CIPEX and EYE SUPPORT.   My mare has now been on this combination for approximately one month.  Both eyes are now open and there is no longer any discharge.  Approximately 75% of both eyes are brown and look normal.  There are some remaining white spots but these do appear to be getting smaller.  I have taken her on short trail rides over hilly, uneven terrain without a misstep. She is in the pasture with other horses and clearly can see.  It is great to observe her running flat out on flat and hilly surfaces.   I plan to keep her on this combination throughout the coming year.   I am a psychologist and very aware of the role of research in determining care in the medical community.   The treatment my mare received at the University Equine Hospital was standard medical practice and certainly supported by the available research.  Herbal remedies obviously do not enjoy the same kind of medical support.  Even so,  what happened and is happening to my mare cannot be discounted .   At the very least,  one must conclude that alternative medicine and in particular, this combination of herbal remedies has had a positive outcome.  Thanks Don.   Joanne


I was incorrect on telling you how long I had been feeding Tiffany the Cipex. It is now just 12 days. This week we have seen a huge improvement!! Yesterday she actually extended her trot and trotted without pain. She was the best she has ever been!! My daughter is beyond excitement.
Thank You!!!!!

Virginia and Heather B.
Abilene, Texas, Oct 2011



 Eye Support 

Last year, I got the devistating diagnosis that my 2 Appaloosa crosses (full brother & sister) had Insideous Equine Recurrent Uveitis. Both horses are reasonably young, 13 & 14 years old. I sent them to Univ. of Pennsylvania for the cyclosporine implant surgery and it seemed to help, but they still had visible redness in the sclera and occasional flare-ups. We started the Eye Support herbs 2 months ago and they look totally different ! Both horses have very pale, almost white sclera and neither has had a flare-up since starting the treatment ! Thank you so much for the amazing product !!!!

Chrissa K. 2011
New Jersey



Cipex and Herbal Bute

Six weeks ago my horse sustained a cut on the back of her hock that punctured the joint .... she now has a septic tendon sheath and septic hock. Velvet has not been able to put any weight on her leg for six weeks but since using Cipex and Herbal Bute along with an antibiotic she is walking some days without any limp at all. She is not out of the woods yet but I am so greatful for these wonderful products that have given her a chance for recovery.

Terri D. 2011
Cordova, TN.

  Wound Dust

My horse got a small cut on her hock, I dusted it immediately not only did it stop the bleeding the hair has almost grown back, also a few days ago she got an abcess and my farrier told me to keep it dry so I used the Wound Dust and wrapped it up, it was dry the next day ... I am so pleased with this new product and all the other Equine Science products that I use, my horses have never been healthier or happier.

Chris T. 2011
Sweetwater, Tn.




Don. just wanted to thank you for telling me about L-lysine. I have had Harley for over two years. He was always irritable when I would pet or brush him. He always shook his head and sneezed when I first started riding him. Then last year the head shaking got really bad. My vet said he had head shaking syndrome. I called and talked to Don he asked if he was body sore and I asked what do you mean. He said when you brush him does he flinch and pin his ears. Yes he always has. He said he has herpes. Not the bad kind. Told me to check his gums for white bumps and there they were. Been on L-lysine for a month. Harley is Great !!! Loves to be brushed and petted. Is riding and running barrels better than every. Can't believe the difference in the way he acts.  Thanks

Donna W. - 2011



 Herbal Bute

I have a horse, donkey and pony rescue and rehab. I have been using your Herbal Bute with great success. I am giving it to my ponies that have blood poisoning and have foundered and have white line with very sore hooves. Also on some of the older retirement horses with arthritis and DJD.

Ann P.  2011

Don, Ive been using the Herbal Bute for Lady Bug, a rescued 16 year old Halflinger Poney Mare with severe arthritis in her fron knees for a year now. I am happy to report she received relief form the pain within days of beginning the Herbal Bute. She no longer linps and just stands around. Tis little girl has SPUNK. She will runin the field just for the sake of running. The grand children can ride her around in the yard and she has a sparkle in her eyes. She is such a sweet girl. Thank you so much for your helpful advice and product. 

Reba A. 2013



 Herbal Bute

 I just wanted to say Thank You for you Herbal Bute product !! We have a 34 year old retired Gymkhana horse (Bear) Bear has arthritis, so we started him on Herbal Bute as recommended from my farrier. Bear was having trouble walking and would not even go out to pasture. We decided to try giving him 2 scoops of the Herbal Bute twice a day. WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!!! Not only is he walking much better, he even RAN up the path to the barn from his pasture.My husband and I were so happy to see him back to his old self.

Jim and Laurie L.
Copperopolis, CA  

Don, I have been using your Herbal Bute for a very arthritic 30 yr. old gelding and guess what it works!!! He was moving more confortably after only 5 ounces given in 5 feeding ..... what a Great product !!!!!!

Kim - 2011
Mifflin, Pa.



Eye SupportCipex and Immune Booster

Don, I have spoken to you twice about my horse with fungal infection of cornea. As mentioned it was recommended that I have surgery performed on this horse approx three weeks ago. When we spoke you mentioned that after 1 week on Eye SupportCipex and Immune Booster I should see some improvement. I was very skeptical, believe this in fact the case. I noticed at 1 week that the whites around his eye had improved. Previously there was redness in this area of the eye. I am not confident yet that I am out of the woods, but wanted you to know that I think I see improvement. This Monday he will have been on this combination for 2 weeks. Thanks for your assistance.

Pamela S. -2010
Oakland, Tn.



 Eye SupportCipex, and Super Immune Booster

Thanks Don ! I am a 22-year-old thoroughbred with a chronic eye problem and faced having it removed. Although I continue to use an ointment, your herb combination has made a world of difference and impressed my vet. Keep the Eye SupportCipex, and Super Immune Booster coming my way. Love the peppermint you put in my herbs !
Grateful in SC Rodney (the thoroughbred)

Lori B. - 2010
Trenton. SC


 Blood Booster

 Don,    Just to let you know how well your 'Blood Booster' has worked on our performance horse. "Clifford", our 1-D barrel horse, is 8 yrs old and our vet told us that he had a low iron blood count. He just did not have any spark around the barrels. We knew we needed to find an iron replacement product that would give us the results our horse needed to put him at the top of his game. We had him on a popular iron replacement product, but we bacame concerned as to the possible health risks that it might cause. Then we talked to Don at Equine Science and got the product that works !!!! After putting him on a scoop every morning, he definitely has the energy for which we were looking. Now we have the peace of mind knowing that it is completely safe for our horse, while giving him the energy he needs to complete his job and send us to the pay window. Thanks Don, for all you help !!!!!

Linda Wells
Madisonville, Tn. - 2010



 Herbal Bute

Around the first of August 2010 I purchased the Herbal Bute for a 22 year old semi-retired barrel horse. He has a bad left knee and we thought he would no longer be able to compete. A friend of mine had seen you website on the WPRA website and recommended getting this product. He is doing wonderful !!!!! Alot of the swelling in the knee has gone and his limp is almost gone too. He feels more like his old self every day. He now wants to go faster than the girl wants to go. Thank you for an awesome product.

Sharon Folks - 2010




As spring does effect my horse .. coughing .. coughing up gobs .. with the MO LUNG I notice super results he only coughs very little now .. hardly ever see much of the coughing up gobs .. the spring before the had it really bad .. I tried all kinds of other products got very little results I will never be with out your Herbal products will continue to order from you.I will continue to use them my horse is really doing well eith your procuts thats again.

Linda Stilwell - 2010
West Virginia



Success with Cipex
My client's horse had his shoes pulled and he started showing signs of intermittent lameness on small stones, dirt clumps and he walked like a plow horse very heavy footed. My client tried a couple of other products with no success so I told her to try Cipex. After 4 days of being on Cipex I started seeing improvement and at the 10 day mark there were no signs of lameness at all no matter what surface he walked on. Thank you so much as my client is so happy and the horse will be on this product the rest of his life.

Kim Gould-Wende
Passionate Horsemanship
Merkel, Tx. - 2010



Allergy Herbal Blend

 Hello Don! Thanks for your input on Rusty's allergies during our phone conversation. Rusty my skin/mold/dust/pollen allergy fella, he does not look like he has issues, but he would be a sneezy, snotty, hairless horse without your Allergy Herbal Blend. Then theres Duke the fella you have been so heavily involved with when his insulin resistance exploded in May, 2007. He will be 23 this October and my best bud since he was a coming 3 ys old. I am so appreciative of your high quality products and your willingness to always be there to assist and answer questions no matter the issue at hand. Your products have saved me a lot of vet bills in many ways.Thanks very much again for all your help and for providing products that I know are of the best quality available.

Judy Moore - 2010
Wartrace, Tn.



Allergy Herbal Blend

  Dear Don,
I want to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase of the Allergy Herbal Blend for horses. During the summer months my mare suffers from a runny nose and cough and is usually covered with bug bites. After 30 days of using the Allergy Herbal Blend I've noticed a remarkable improvement in her breathing. Her nose is dry, she rarely coughs and the bugs aren't bothering her as much as last year. I'm thrilled with this product !!!!

Teri Hopkins - 2010
Ada, MI.



Mo Lung

Hey .. Girly... thanks so much for telling me about "Mo Lung" ... I can see a difference in Amigo already.. what good stuff..!! Tell the "Herb Man" it works !! :-) will be ordering another batch soon.

Linda Stilwell


Senior Blend

 Just wanted to let you know how much your Senior Blend mix has helped our 29-year old Arabian mare.  We adopted Cliqua almost 2 years ago.  She was lethargic, depressed and slow.  We started supplementing her diet with your Senior Herb Blend about 1 year ago and she has light in her eyes, is alert and engaged, and has more spring in her step.  We firmly believe that with the combination of good nutrition, your herb mix and the love we have for her, our Cliqua is one happy lady !!!    Thank you

Mechelle Sieg
Taylor, TX.   2009



 Senior BlendSpecial Joint Blend and Hoof, Coat, Skin Blend

In July we bought Marley a 17 year old quarter horse for my 13 year old daughter who was excited to continue with her hunter jumper training. Unfortunately, when he stepped off the trailer at his new home we saw a lame, underweight, dull horse. A vet checked confirmed sore/inflamed suspensory ligaments in both front legs, weak muscles, underwight, dull coat, very tender soles, and thin hoof walls. In addition - he had numerous cuts and lacerations from being picked on by other horses. Marley was so sore he could barely walk, and certainly could not be ridden by my daughter anytime soon. There were so many issues it was hard to know where to start.
I emailed Don at Equine Science and he quickly contacted me so we could discuss a "plan of action". He took his time answering my questions and made several recommendations to get Marley on the road to recovery and provide some relief for him. In 6 weeks Marley had gained about 60 pounds, his coat was beginning to shine, wounds healing, his soreness was significantly reduced, and the dull look in his eyes was replaced with sweet, bright eyes!
It has now been almost 3 months and Marley is a totally different horse! My daughter rides him 4 times a week and she plans to show him the first of the year. I am confident his remarkable recovery is a result of the quality herbs/products from Equine Science and Don's insightful recommendations for care. Thank you Don for giving this horse a second chance and renewed life - we are so grateful !!!!
P.S. Marley is on Senior BlendSpecial Joint Blend and Hoof, Coat, Skin Blend                     

Laurie St. Denis
Sarasota, Florida 2009                 




Don, just wanted to let you know I have my TWH on your SARCO-X product and have seen improvement in the arual plaques that are in his ears for the first time in the 14 years I have had him     Thank you

Ann Boggs - 2009

Matthews, NC



Super Immune Booster


 I wanted to let you know my mini Macaroni seems to be doing good on the Super Immune Booster for EPM. Macaroni is able to stay in the field with his buddy Rosie. (my 24 year old quarter horse). They can't be out of each others sight for to long.. He seems to be getting his strength back slowly. My vet said it could take up to 3 or more months because we don't know how damaged the EPM caused. I told him I had him on your product and said that  it was great.. It was worth a try was alot cheaper than baycox..   Thanks so much

Ardena Dailey - 2009    P.S. I will try and send you a picture on my little guy soon                                                



The "Allergy Herbal Blend" really does work !!

One of my horses has fought the "sneezing-coughing-runny eyes & nose" allergies for the five summers we have lived in the Tennessee Valley.
This horse was on veterinarian-prescribed antihistamines four of those summers.
I have been buying other products from "herbs4horses" for about five years, so when the Owner of the company guaranteed the "Allergy Herbal Blend" would help this horse (providing allergies were the root issue), I ordered it.
With in 12 hours, this horse's coughing and runny eyes/nose had slowed considerably.
In 48 hours, all of his allergy symptons had been reduced by about 90%
He has been on the "Allergy Herbal Blend" less than a month and not only have all the allergy symptoms completely disappeared, his disposition is much happier and laid back than it was when he was on the prescription antihistamine.
I am relieved and grateful for this all-natural product that is working beyond my expectations.
this horse is also on 12 hour daytime turnout and switching him to the run-in-stall at night has also helped.

Other "herb4horses" products that I currently use and am very satisfield with include:
Chastetree and "Sugar Balance" for a different horse that is insulin resistant.
Seasonal use of Garlic that is very effective in repelling ticks.
Thank you for a gret all natural products that work !!!!!

Judy Moore - Middle Tennessee 2009




Herbal Bute

 Hi Don,
I wanted to relay an update with some good news about Marley! Just as you mentioned, today completed day 2 of Marley being on the Herbal Bute and ... I can honestly say he was feeling better !! It is a short but steep walk to the ring and he has always stumbled either coming, going, or both. Not today ! Up and down with sure footing - this is a first! He was walking with a bit more energy, not the tentative "tender foot" walk. We are keeping his exercise time short, 20 minutes with mostly walking and some trotting as he is able.
Both my daughter and I were encouraged today - it did our hearts good to see Marley feeling better :)
Also, his hair is growing in slowly but surely over the wound areas and where he is "molting". There is a broader area all along his neck where he is molting now, but I feel it will be replaced with healthy skin and hair.
That's it - I really just wanted to share the good news and how encouraged we are. I look forward to seeing how your products continue to transform Marley! I am so grateful for your products, service, and support!

Laurie St. Denis
Sarsota, FL. 2009



 Sugar Balance

Hi Don,
Just received your phone message... I am AMAZED at how the Sugar Balance has worked !! I have a mare that I show in reining and she has continued to have a weight problem. She's fat, has a nice coat but not slick and has low energy. I had blood work done on her and it didn't reveal anything that could be corrected with drugs or diet change. She eats next to nothing, I had her on a low carb grain last year but it didn't do much except drain my pocket book.  So I was hunting for something online for a cough and came across a testimonials about your products. I found the Allergy formula and saw the Sugar Balance and thought what the heck I'll give it a try. Foxy was put on sugar balance June 8, today is June 23 and I can't believe the difference in this mare's physical apperance in just 2 weeks. She is shedding to beat the band. She has more energy but isn't hot or stupid. I'm still only feeding her about 1/2 pound of grain 2x's a day and a couple of flakes of good hay twice a day. She had no issues accepting the additives to her feed either. Great product ! I will definitely be ordering more. By the way .... the Allergy Herbal works great too !!!! I've used it when this gelding had a flare up coughing fit. I gave it to him for a couple of days and he's great.

Thanks Don for some great stuff ....  I'm going to check out what other products you have !

Ann Lamb
Ticonderoga, NY 2009



Immune Booster

 Have to tell you we are seeing some pretty Great results with the Immune Booster.  Had a horse with perdontal abscess had a $3000 dollar surgery won't heal big big mess was to the point we where just going to sell.... it seems as if it is healing he is looking and feeling well .... also have a young horse doing poorly won't keep weight on had his teeth done and chiro work still doing poorly we started him and I think with a 1-1/2 weeks I am seeing a difference too .... our daughters horse got a hoof abscess this spring won't heal we started him and we are riding him !!!!!!!!!!

 Mark Larive
Sturgis, SD  2009



Cramp-X and PMS

 The challenge of developing a 2yr old AQHA mare has been made moreso by the effects of her HYPP status, specifically when she goes into heat. A"small chemical imbalance" caused her to exhibit stroke-like symptoms as well as the inability for her to move for extended periods of time. Vets were guessing, with prescription drugs were also considered, along with their long and short term side effects.
 I am so thankful for Cramp-X and PMS! The first cycle after receipt of your product all sysptoms ceased! I can't explain how it works, but the fact it is natural brings me much more satisfaction than surgery or drugs. THANK YOU HERBS FOR HORSES !!!!!!

Regina F.
West Virginia 2009


  Special Joint Blend

  I have tried several other joint supplements for my 20 yr. old Paint geldning without seeing any visible difference.  Special Joint Blend has made such a change!  He's back to running and jumping in the pasture with his two younger brothers!  Thank you so much for this product.

Neita Webster
Leaf River, Illinois



Senior Blend

I just have to brag about the Senior Blend. Our gelding is 31 years old.  He is doing great, but for years, he would colic every spring and fall when the weather changes.  I put him on Senior Blend in March and he made it into the summer with no collic.  I thought okay I'll keep him on Senior Blend and we made it through December with no colic. Even my vet asked about JJ, because he knew that I would be calling.  Thanks again.  Great product.  My new gelding is on the Extra Calm.  It really works, as he gets very nervous before a run and Extra Calm really helps.

Donna Warner
Sapulpa, Oklahoma



Super Immune Booster

  Wonderful!  It has been a miracle for my horse with EPM. He was a 3 on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being down and not able to get up.  It took four of us to walk him out of his stall because his balance and use of all four legs was affected. I had him on the Marquis I prescribed by the vet for two weeks then, added Super Immune Booster and by the third week, just one week of Super Immune Booster, he was able to walk on his own and safe enough to be outside in his paddock!  He's been improving steadily since.  He'll be on Super Immune Booster for the rest of his life.  Thank you so much!

Debbie Smith



Super Immune Booster AND Eye Support

I want to thank you so much for your wonderful products! I have been using Eye Support since shortly after my Tennessee Walking Horse mare was in an accident and clinically diagnosed to have lost her sight in one of her eyes. Within weeks of taking the herbs, she gradually stopped tilting and turning her head to see. Now, after continued use, her eye will even respond to movement and activity on that side. The product does everything you said it would for my girl!

Thank you again for another wonderful product. My Tennessee Walking Horse gelding was diagnosed with EPM and after going through traditional treatment I felt it just wasn't enough. I really didn't want to put him through another course of treatment. Since I have had wonderful experiences with many of your other products, I called you to see if there was a product to help with EPM. After you recommended I try Super Immune Booster, it all came together. His attitude and willingness have come back! His ability to cope with stress is back. He has returned to the calm, friendly, patient mount that had disappeared when EPM set in. Words could never express my continued thanks!

Lynn McLaughlin
Canaan, NJ



Thanks for processing my order for 20 pounds of PMS supplement. I decided to try your product a few months ago after watching my 18 year old Tennessee Walking Horse mare suffer every month (even during the winter months) with debilitating heat cycles. This has gone on for 2 years. I have had her examined via ultrasound and had her ovaries declared "normal". During her estrous cycle she would appear very depressed and bloated looking. Her eyes did not have their usual "bright happy" look and I would wring my hands about what I could do for her. She essentially stood around for 7-8 days every month looking miserable. I did not want to try Regumate as veternarians suggested we could. I felt that was too drastic a measure to take at this point. I decided to try your product, PMS, and I've been very pleased! I give it to her every day of the month. At first she did not like to eat it, but very quickly she decided she even liked its taste. Her demeanor during her estrous cycles has improved to such an extent that I can ride her during her "heat". She still demonstrates very definate estrous behavior during her monthly cycle around our gelding but she is bright and happy looking and no longer just stands around looking horrible depressed and uncomfortable. She wants to interact with us. She amazingly no longer looks bloated, either. Of course, I am very pleased about this and her attitude tells me she is happier, too. Thanks for a great product!

Prescott, AZ



 Stallion Enhancer

I had a stallion that was kicked by a mare in the stomach, penis and
testicles. After allowing him a couple of months to heal, I tested him
several times and his sperm count averaged 140 to 170 million per cc, with
less than 10% live viable sperm. I had a friend recommend Stallion Enhancer
and decided to give it a try. I put the stallion on your product and
collected him 30 days afterward. The results were remarkable. His sperm
count was up to 534 million per cc with 98% viable. I'm a true believer....I
have 7 stallions and they are all on the product now!

Lora Pitre

Wound Ointment

Hi Folks, I picked up your Wound Ointment and your Hoof Oil at a trade show in MA and I want to tell you I am most impressed with both products. Both of my horses showed immediate improvement in their hoof condition and the Wound Ointment heals EVERYTHING with no scarring!!! I will be a lifelong customer. Thank you!!

Robin Shields

SRS (Strong Respiratory System)

 I have been using Equine Science products for about three months now and




would like to share how the supplements have helped me so far.

   First, here is a little background information. I was given an Arabian

colt for free when I was about 13 yrs old. The trainer said he'd never be

broke enough and we should sell him and get a new horse. When I was about 15

I took an interest in natural horsemanship and began training him myself.

When I was 19 yrs old I went to a rodeo with a friend and watched barrel

racing and decided I wanted to do it. We won 3d and 4d awards our first year

or so. Two yrs later my "wild Arabian" won a 2d buckle. A few months later

my horse began to bleed every time he ran, and the final straw was when

blood was gushing from both nostrils and mouth, and I was about ready to

retire him and just use him for lessons.

   Don Silver introduce me to the equine  science products a few months

after I decided to retire my horse from running. They are all natural, which

is why I decided to try them. After only a month of using Immune Booster and

SRS daily, and Mo-Lung before each run, we are slowly getting back in the

game, with no blood and actually winning money just about every time we run.

I highly recommend Equine Science as an alternative to other harsh drugs for

horses that bleed.


Haylie  2013

 Hoof Oil and Stomach Calm

Hello I am a big fan of your stomach calm and hoof oil and really feel they have assisted me to reach all my goals last year of being the CRRA and CRA breakaway roping champion and ACRA reserve champion. 

SayWhoa! (Colic Relief)

Hey Don, wanted to give you a update on the new product(SayWhoa!) for colic relief. On 1/11/2014 I had the horse dentist out to my stable to do dentistry on a older horse.When I brought  the horse in from the field, I noticed that he seemed a little uneasy. I held the horse for the dentist , but he never settled down even after the dentist was done.The dentist wanted to see how he was going to chew his feed so he suggested to give him some oats. He did not want the oats  and was still was very unsettled.Something was not right so I decided to check his temp and listen for gut sounds.His temp was ok ,but very little gut sounds on his right side. Evaluating all the symptons,  I felt he was on the onset of colic. It was Saturday afternoon and I knew it would be hard to get a Vet.  If I could get one it might be hours before he got to my stable. I decided to try the say whoa, colic relief .I dosed him with the proper amount and then checked the time. It was 2:15 pm. I rechecked the horse within the hour and he seemed to be a lot calmer then before. By the time the hour had pasted he had good gut sounds on both sides , I gave him a bran mash at feeding time which he ate right away. I checked him before I went to bed and he looked very settled and there was plenty of manure in his stall.I will be adding the colic relief, say whoa to my first aid kit in my stable and horse trailer.J.C. 2014

Mo Sweat

Hi Don, 
       I have been meaning to write to you for weeks now to tell you how thankful I am for your Mo Sweat.
I have a 27 year old QH gelding that has been suffering with Anhidrosis since he was 5. A week or so after 
starting him on Mo Sweat he started sweating around his girth area, lower neck amd btween his back legs. 
It is a blessing to ssee him more comfortable in this Alabama heat. I also use your Mo Lung for a 30 year 
old gelding that has COPD. He is not showing any symptoms at all.

Thanks again for your great products. 

Debbie Oliver 2014 

Stomach Calm 

Hi Don - Happy Friday!!!

 The stomach calm did a Super job with my mare.  She was awesome last weekend at the barrel race. She had some separation anxiety, but she warmed up good, went into the holding pen and alley way with out any issues. Very impressed.  With that said, can you please send out a 10 # pail. 

 Hope your weekend is a good one.



Copoay, CA. 



Herbal Bute

Love your Herbal Bute Product! 23 year old Blue has had a great response. She actually trots in from the pasture, not because she has top, but because now she can.


Rachel Day   2015 




Don,  I just want to send a big thank you for the Cushings Blend. 

I do not have my horse on Pergolide anymore and is totally on Cushings Blend. 

No lameness and his coat is beautiful and shed out completely. 

I just ordered Cipex for another horse that has foundering issues. 

Hope  it works for this little pony. 

 If you have other suggestions, please  let me know.   


Thank You,  Pam Runnels  2015




Hoof, Coat and Skin

Hi Don

Just wanted to let you know that the supplement you recommended for my mare's hives has started working very well.

Its been about 4 days since I started he on the Hoof, Coat and skin and her hives have been reduced by about 90%

I look forward to them being totally gone soon. So thanks once again for your help and excellent products. 

Gretchen, 2015



Hi there....

My 27 yr old Morgan pony mare Sable developed Cushings over the winter.

She came into Spring quite underweight with a very heavy coat -lackluster, dull with no energy.

After doing some research on line I decided that, rather than the standard

prescription meds , I would try an herbal first alleviate Sable's symptoms.

 Lucky for both of us I found your website!

Sable has been on your Cushings Blend since 5/12/15....

I've also been feeding her up with Beetpulp, Rice bran pellets

and Nutrena Safe Choice Special Care with a good helping of Timothy pellets as well.

Here it is, two weeks later and I'm VERY happy to say, Sable has gained weight,

canters up the paddock for her meals and her thick coat is coming out in handfuls.

I've always been a big fan of herbals but these results are Amazing!

THANKS!!!  Gail Williamson, Acworth, NH 2015



Special Joint Blend



Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know, that my mini pony, Bugsy is 27yrs old and your Special Joint Blend  

has helped tremendously! He is able to bend his knee when cleaning the hoof without pain and stiffness! 

Bugsy knees are not swollen anymore! My trimmer will be so pleases.

 Also, my older quarter horse Rusty is approx. 34yrs old and has some stiffness and arthritis in his joints making it difficult to clean or trim his feet. 

Both Bugsy and Rusty needed doses of Bute prior to their trims. I really don't feel comfortable using drugs due to their side effects, but thought

I had no choice until I tried your  Special Joint Blend. Your product has made my boys drug free and able to bend without pain for the trimmer and daily

cleaning. Thank you for such a great product.

Maureen, Great Meadows, NJ. 2016


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